Privacy Policy

1. Privacy promise

We want you to rest assured that your data is always respected as it represents who you are. We will never sell or pass your data to third parties and only will use the information you provide to us, safely, securely and only to communicate with you about our projects and services.

2. Data we collect

When using the term “personal data” in our Privacy Policy, we mean information that relates to you and allows us to identify you, either directly or in combination with other information that we may hold. We collect personal data from you when you use our website, services or contact us.

3.Sensitive data

We may ask you for sensitive data such as allergies, blood conditions, and other medical information so we can ensure we provide the best treatment for you. We will be required to keep these documents.

Allergies (to ensure that no substances used contain ingredients that may result in an allergic reaction).
Blood Type (if treatment requires this information).
Religious Belief (we would not ask this, but ask our customers to inform us if there is a treatment or ingredient that is not suitable for us to use during their treatment process.

4. What types of data do we collect?

Full Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Date of Birth
Full Address and Postcode

5. How we use your data.

To communicate with you. We use the contact details that you have provided so we can communicate with you to arrange a consultation, appointment or other services that you have with us.

Sensitive Data will not be shared with any 3rd party.

6. Security

Your data will be stored on encrypted devices and servers and access to these is limited and restricted to authorised personnel only.

7. Cookies

At this moment in time, we only use Google Analytic tracking cookies which track your location, device, screen size, and how long you stayed on the website. This helps us to improve our website and understand which devices are being used, and which page has the most visit which we can then use to improve our site and your experience.

8. Data Access

You can request a copy of the data that we hold at any time. Please email your request to us. We will action this within 24 hours, which gives us time to collage, and provide the information in a secure encrypted password protected zip file which can be transmitted or posted to you at no cost.

9. Data Deletion

You have the right to request a full deletion of your data that we hold. Please send your request to us and we will action your request with no cost involved. We will do this within 24 hours of your notice. This gives us the time to full remove all traces of your details.