Retinol AKA Vitamin A

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Hello and a warm welcome to Finesse Beauty & Cosmeceuticals. My name is Sheila and I qualified 18 years ago with London College of Beauty Therapy. Please find all my latest inspirational blogs below!

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Drops of youthfulness.

I’m sure you have all heard of this at some point. The word ‘Retinol’ used to frighten me if I’m totally honest!  There I was many years ago, an uneducated individual in Retinol. I feared skin sensitivity to light, heat and products.  Then there was thin and flaky skin to deal with.  I thought to myself; why would anyone in the right mind create a product like this and better still, who would want to buy this product?

Well, my fellow friends. I WAS WRONG!  Retinol, Retinal and Retinyl is the key that unlocks the regeneration in our skin.  A total game changer. You see as we age, our skin renewal system slows down dramatically and without a skincare routine, it can lead us down the path of dull, tired, older looking skin.  I certainly do not want that.  It is ideal to start using retinol in your late 20’s as the cell renewal process starts to slow down.  Retinol is a smart ingredient that works by almost fooling our skin to shed like a teenager. It can re-educate our skin to reveal smooth, even, minimised pores, refined lines an overall dewy complexion.

To get to this stage, it can come with a few side effects such as itchiness, redness, bumpy texture; all of which I experienced. At that point I did feel like my skin was rejecting retinol and really wanted to discontinue using it, but with education and knowledge behind me, I persevered and continued to use retinol twice a week in the evening and after 3 weeks, something amazing happened! My skin was literally glowing! The lines around my mouth had softened. My pores where almost unnoticeable. I was on top of my game- well in skincare anyway! Retinol was working hard to rectify my skin and once I got there, it was and has been my ultimate hero product! I would say that retinol does need to be approached with slight caution as a little will go a long way. 

This is why consultations are important as the Medik8 products I am using are active ingredients. Think of it as a marathon not a sprint. We will get to our destination but let’s take small steps to allow any surprises to be approached, diagnosed and rectified with finesse.

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